How to find all indicators and country codes while using imf api

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When following the imf api service to query data, you have to specify the indicators.

You must have viewed this 2 posts:

But both of them do not explain how to get full list of indicators as well as the country code.

Get full list of imf indicators

We have to appoarches.

  1. Access Indicator Mappings with Other Publications Concept Codes – IMF Data – It is an online excel file, contains everything.
  2. Go to the and select one parent indicator, then
    1. FilterIndicator panel, and do a right click
    2. Then left click on Attribute
    3. Then left click (select) Code

Get country code for imf api

Actually, the coutry code using in imf api is iso Alpha-2 code, so we can get it from List of ISO 3166 country codes on Wikipedia.

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